Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Rustic

Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Rustic Style

beautiful bathroom designs

Everyone would like to have a bathroom with a beautiful design. Certainly no one would deny that a beautiful bathroom means that we can comfortably refresh our bodies from our routine activities. Unfortunately, most people are confused to decide which design is suitable and beautiful enough for their bathroom. Now you don't have to get confused anymore as we have prepared some nice bathroom designs that would be suitable for you.

Mediterranean bathroom design

The Mediterranean bathroom design is influenced by Spain, Italy and Greece. If we travel to one of these countries for a vacation, we will easily find this beautiful bathroom design in many homes or hotels there. The design is really excellent where it looks casual but is very convenient to use.

Mediterranean bathroom "width =" 400 "height =" 534
© Angela Peters-Rich

The tiles are one of the main components of this bathroom style. This component cannot be separated from this design as it has become the identity of the Mediterranean style. Check out how beautiful the hexagon tile is, but it's not the only tile design we can find in this Mediterranean bathroom.

Mediterranean style bathroom "width =" 400 "height =" 683
© Melanie Hinson

The other components that are identical to this design are the stone vessel with mounted faucet, wall lamp, chandelier and the arched door or shower cubicle with a curved shape. Mediterranean bathroom design often uses these components to show its identity. So it's not just the tile design that becomes an important part.

Mediterranean bathroom style "width =" 400 "height =" 601
© James

As we can see, most of the main components mentioned above are also used in the third image above. The Mediterranean style is a really good and suitable choice for a bathroom with a beautiful look. And the most important thing is that it not only looks beautiful, but also elegant.

Mediterranean bathroom furniture "width =" 400 "height =" 849
© Will Mathias

Well, for the furniture itself, this bathroom design uses a lot of furniture made from the wood material such as the cabinet, the bench or the chair, etc. These types of furniture give a strong impression to the design itself, especially when using color that fits the design perfectly.

Mediterranean bathroom design "width =" 400 "height =" 560
© Libby Hickman

The Mediterranean bathroom design often uses yellow, brown or rust as in the sample image above, which can add a lively element to this design. These colors have already become a hallmark of the Mediterranean bathroom. If you want a beautiful bathroom design, this should be considered by you.

Rustic bathroom design

The rustic bathroom design focuses on giving a natural impression of the bathroom by using furniture or decorations made from wood, stone, metal and other natural materials. The term "natural" in this design refers to the use of furniture, decorations, etc. that are not given the finishing touch like painting and polishing.

rustic bathroom "width =" 400 "height =" 579
© Homedecort

Just look at the wood and natural stone material used in the bathroom above. It looks more natural and makes us feel close to nature. As we can see, the wood material is used in almost every corner of the room, from the floor, the ceiling, the window and mirror frame to the closet, where the counter table and the vessel use the material made of natural stone.

rustic bathroom design "width =" 400 "height =" 599
© Rebekah Draper

Natural stone and wood material are a great combination to create a rustic bathroom. They fit together perfectly and give the room a strong natural impression. Surely your bathroom will look so fascinating and beautiful when you use this bathroom design. The atmosphere inside looks so pleasant too

rustic bathroom style "width =" 384 "height =" 576
© Zully Diahamed Celis Suazo

A bathroom design with a rustic style like this is often found in the houses that are in the mountains. So it is rarely found in the houses that are located in an urban area. However, if you are looking for a design that looks different, this should be for you. Aren't you bored with the bathroom design that uses cement walls and ceramic tiles?

Rustic style bathroom "width =" 400 "height =" 533
© sofwan arif

Of course, this would be a good choice as it not only looks simple but also elegant. And the most interesting thing is that this can be applied to any bathroom size. So it doesn't matter whether your bathroom is large or small as it is suitable for all sizes. You can take an example from the picture above.

rustic bathroom design style "width =" 400 "height =" 551
© Garen Stanley

Overall, we can say that this rustic bathroom style is a very good choice if you like something more natural and natural. And we are very sure that everyone is ready to spend a lot of time swimming there.

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Which bathroom design do you like best from the two beautiful bathroom designs mentioned above? The one with a Mediterranean design or a rustic design? You don't have to hurry, because both are really beautiful. And if you ask for our opinion, we can suggest you choose the Mediterranean one because it has an artistic value. Then just take your time and choose it wisely.

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