Backyard Renovations

Backyard Renovations

After weeks of debating brick, hardwood and paint, your newly renovated home is finally done. You crushed the numbers, and every penny in your budget is seen in some aspect of your dream home, but it's something you've forgotten: the garden. Backyards are one of the most important spaces in a home, but if the budget does not leave room for outdoor renovations, that space is easily forgotten. Thankfully, garden renovations don't have to be expensive, and by taking these tips you can have the perfect garden without going over budget.

Nursery alternative

A variety of eye-catching flowers are a great way to germinate all outdoor spaces, but the price tags associated with nursery-grown plants can add quickly. But if you know where to look, there are other options for finding beautiful garden flowers. Most communities have garden clubs or botanical centers, and these organizations often have sales where 7 lamps are sold for $ 3.

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Dry tolerant plants

While deciding which plants look best in your new garden, remember that 20% of the average household water bill is used to make the flower garden look bright and healthy. Some drought-tolerant plants may cost you more initially, but the less water you need to keep them alive, the more money you'll save in the long run.

Make your own fertilizer

In addition to water, your new flower garden will also need fertilizers to keep it blooming. A 50 pound bag can cost up to $ 30.00, but by having a compost pile you can make your own fertilizer for free. To make a compost pile, divide a 2-foot by 4-foot section of your garden with chicken wire and collect food debris and other waste. Turn the mound every week and before long you will have your own fertilizer to use in your garden.

Use wood options

In addition to flowers, a custom-designed deck or gazebo will add interest and accessibility to your garden according to Allweather Wood, a tire-building company in Edmonton. A low maintenance composite of wood composite such as Azek or TimberTech can help lower costs while keeping the natural genuine wood that everyone loves.

Whether your home has recently been renovated and you need a garden that fits, or it's just about an update, a beautiful functional outdoor area can be used as a second living room year after year. You can't put a price on memories that will be made in your garden, but with these tips, your perfect outdoor space doesn't have to break your budget.

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