Kitchen Diner Design

Kitchen Diner Design – Do you have a very spacious kitchen? If so, you can use a little space in the kitchen to become a big kitchen dinner. You have created a comfortable and suitable space in which you can meet with your family and friends.

If you are interested in using kitchen food in your home. Here we've provided fabulous tips for creating the Kitchen Dinner design that you can follow. So, let's try it out!

Determine the shape of the kitchen diner yourself

Special knowledge is of course required when setting up a room. There are two types of arrangement in the kitchen:

  • Square or rectangular
  • L-shaped arrangement

A square or rectangle is highly recommended to optimize the space. This arrangement can leave a lot of space in the room so that the room feels relieved. The use of square or rectangular arrangements also makes furniture and other items well organized.

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If the room is L-shaped, why not use an L-shaped arrangement instead? The L-shaped arrangement is also no less interesting than a square or rectangular arrangement. This type of arrangement is rarely used because not all houses are L-shaped.

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Play with the lighting of the room scheme

Lighting is one of the factors that affect the appearance of a room. To create an aesthetic space, you can play with the lighting scheme.

If you place light in several places in the room, the room looks beautiful. The noble impression seems to have covered the entire kitchen.

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The chandeliers in the kitchen-living room make this room look much more attractive. The use of different shapes of hanging lamps seems to tell us which kitchen and which dining room.

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Presentation of natural lighting

The presence of natural light in the room is very important for the comfort or appearance of the room. So that you can apply an open concept.

There are two important things that need to be applied to the open diner kitchen concept:

  • Large window or window from floor to ceiling
  • glass door

The use of natural light makes the kitchen room feel more spacious and fresh. Naunsa wrapped the whole room warm so that the room felt so comfortable.

Concertina doors and full length glazing

Give the wall a touch of naturalness

When you bring a natural feeling into the room, the room feels fresher and more soothing. The use of wood, natural stone or brick makes the dining room in the kitchen look very attractive. Sunlight falling through the window and glass door naturally affects these three elements.

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Don't forget to pay attention to the floor

Floors are also things to consider. The floor is an aspect that strongly influences the appearance of a room. Not only that, but also the nuances formed in the room itself arise from the type of floor used.

There are different types of floors that can be used in kitchen restaurants:

  • Wooden floor
  • Ceramic floor
  • Granite floor
  • Marble floor

You can choose one of these four floor types. Wooden floors are floors that are highly recommended for kitchen guests.


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