Sensational Staircase: Ways to Highlight
  Your Stairway

Sensational Staircase: Ways to Highlight Your Stairway

Okay, so the stairs in your home may or may not lead to heaven. But wouldn't it be nice if it at least looked like it did? There are lots of creative ways to highlight a staircase and make it fit in with the décor of the rest of the home. The stairs do not have to be an exclusive unit in the interior. Think about these four different ways to accentuate the stairs in your home.

1. Send a message

Is there a popular saying or favorite quote for the family? Think about the morals that the family lives by. Why not share these values ​​through a message on the stairs? This can be done in several ways. Wall stickers and custom sticker offerings continue to grow in popularity. If these stickers are easily affixed to a wall, the same effect can happen on a staircase. Stair decals are a cheap and charismatic way to send warm and special messages to guests as well as to those living in the home. Stencils are another way. While much more time-consuming than stickers, they still serve as a beautiful reminder of creativity and love.

Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr

2. Add a fresh color paint

After buying a home, homeowners have the luxury of doing almost what they want to do with their new purchases. If the carpet is currently on the stairs, rip it up. Grind down the stairs and add a lovely color coating. A wooden stain always adds a clean, polished look to a staircase as well.

3. Install an Iron Gate

Nothing gives a polished look like an iron railing for a staircase. The railings are available in all possible colors and styles. Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc. and others provide exquisite details and marvel at the details is an irresistible answer.

4. Add a runner

For those who want the beauty of both worlds, with the carpet and an exposed staircase, a runner is a happy medium. Runners are fantastic for adding elegance and depth to a room. Once you have painted the stairs evenly without a selected color or stain, attach a runner to the length of the stairs. This process requires a lot of nails, staples and some heavy tools. If necessary, consider calling professionals for this.

These are some of the beautiful ways to emphasize a staircase and make it shine as a centerpiece of the home. Once executed, these tips will hopefully inspire guests to at least think that they have reached the stairs to heaven!

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