Modern Dining Room Interior Design

Modern Dining Room Interior Design

Modern interior design of the dining room
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Are you looking for suitable ideas for your modern dining room? Well, you are on the right track. Both the small and the spacious dining room need brilliant ideas. So you don't have to worry because you can get all the furnishing ideas for free here! The ideas consist of furniture, arrangements and decorations that differ from other ideas. Let your modern dining room become breathtaking and extraordinary. Let's go!

Small interior design ideas of the dining room

If you live in a modest studio apartment and need a suitable dining room, these furnishing ideas might suit you. Having a modest or small dining room doesn't mean being difficult to decorate. You have to be grateful because there are many brilliant ideas out there nowadays to decorate a small dining room in 2017. Let's look at the interior design and ideas below.


Choosing a suitable design for your own small dining room is a must. After you have found the right design, you can easily search the furniture. There are five different pictures and each one has a different interior design. The first picture combines an interior of white and wood, so that the wooden furniture is also used for the dining table set. It is also about the same furniture in the second, third and fourth picture. The fifth picture uses simple and affordable furniture. Combine Scandinavian furniture in a small dining room. Scandinavian will bring a modern look without damaging the small dining room look.


If you place the dining room furniture near the kitchen, you can minimize the space in your humble apartment. All pictures place the dining room furniture near the kitchen area with the matching furniture. By using a window, the dining room also appears wider and brighter, as in the second and third picture.


To make your small dining room look stunning and modern, you can add a suitable decoration near the dining area. When you put green or flowers on the dining table, the dining room becomes lively and fresh. Don't forget to check a suitable chandelier over the dining table and photos on the wall as in the second and fourth picture.

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Spacious interior ideas for the dining room

How do I decorate a spacious dining room with a suitable furnishing idea? You can get the answer by looking at all the interior design ideas below. If you use one of these dining room decorating ideas in your dining room, your large family will be happy and not be bored when you have breakfast, lunch or dinner with you. Let's look at that!


Choosing suitable dining room furniture in a spacious dining room is no longer difficult. A dining table and a chair made of solid wood make the spacious dining room look modern and luxurious at the same time. However, you need to make sure that the interior matches the furniture. In the first picture, the interior design uses a monochrome hue like black. This interior also goes to the second and fifth pictures, which use a dark color accent. Therefore, the furniture should have a light or semi-dark color accent. Meanwhile, in the third and fourth picture, they use a pastel-colored accent as the interior, so that the furniture is also in the same line.


A spacious dining room means that you can place more than four chairs around it. Place the dining table in the middle of the room to be beautiful, like in the third, fourth and fifth picture. Don't forget to place near a large window to illuminate your spacious dining room as a light lamp to use in a house. If you put the dining room chairs right afterwards, you will get a feeling of modernity. Are you trying this modern idea for the interior of dining rooms?


When speaking of a suitable decoration for a spacious dining room, it is neither a luxurious nor a chic decoration. The first picture uses some photos on the wall to embellish the dark wall in the dining room. It is also about other pictures that use photos as decoration. It is also better than before to place greens and flowers in the dining room. Will it be okay if the dining room uses a simple carpet under the dining table? Of course it will be fine, like in the second and fifth picture.

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last words

Don't wait any longer until you've redecorated your dining room with one of the modern dining room ideas above. These ideas have shown you that both small and spacious furniture can be decorated with suitable furniture, arrangements and decorations. Let's start decorating now! Have fun trying.

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