The Art of Interior Decoration

The Art of Interior Decoration

Interior Art – What Your Home Can Miss!

When we think of our homes, we often underestimate how much time we spend in them and the impact these simple structures have on our everyday lives. Spending your time in a dull, lifeless interior can make you feel drained and magical, while a space that is vibrant and full of life can leave you revived and inspired to go out and take on your next project. This is exactly what the art of interior design looks like and for those who follow the practice a creative feeling, a well-educated eye and an inherent understanding of balance are important tools for the trade.

Interior architects focus on everything from interior architecture, finishes to furniture. What comes at the end of the day is to create a comfortable, beautiful space that invites the inhabitants to stay a little longer.

Trade has been going on for a long time and in Europe you can trace the practice as far back as in the early Middle Ages. Over the years it has evolved and in today’s world, a good interior designer will have a good grasp of the history of design, ergonomics, psychology, building codes and also be able to work with all these concepts in a kind of computer-aided design program that unites everything. It is a multifaceted profession and it consists of more than just aesthetics, it includes research, analysis and integration. But even though it is quite involved as we already know, there are some untouchable truths, let’s go through a couple of them now.

  1. Use of space

We have all heard the saying “less is more”, especially the decor. Space gives the room a chance to breathe and adds an aura of elegance when done correctly. This is actually perfect when working on a small budget but be careful, too little and it looks like you haven’t stopped moving in yet. The rule is simply that you should be able to move freely without the room feeling cluttered or crowded.

  1. Be individual

Ikea and mega home stores have made it too easy to pick a theme and run with it, add to the convenience of picking up everything you need in the same place and you have many homes that look almost identical. Avoid the desire to follow the crowd and make your own choices. Your individuality will speak volumes if used properly and prevent your home from becoming a cliché.

  1. Focus points

This connects close to point 1 which, when you allow for simplicity and enough space in your room, it is a great opportunity to include a central focal point. This can be anything from a fireplace, a mantle or a magnificent work of art. This is an age old technology that is timeless, just make sure that the piece really deserves to pay attention.

  1. Lighting

This is an all too often overlooked aspect of design. Lighting creates atmosphere and atmosphere like no other medium and the use of layers in this regard can give a welcome and dramatic effect to a space. Try to vary the incandescent bulbs at different heights (for example, in glass cabinets or overheads) and make sure you highlight the best aspects of each room accordingly.

  1. Color

The color pallet is an essential guide when decorating a home, but that’s just it, a guide. Be bold when choosing your color schemes, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and make it your own. That is not to say that your colors should be bright and abrasive, not at all, they can be soft and gentle, or whatever you choose, but sometimes you can follow your instincts lead you down a path you would never have thought of otherwise , and this can be very rewarding in the end.

No matter what methods and media you choose, interior design is about expression and balance, enjoy the process. Very often it is an ongoing process that is perfected over time so have fun with it and trust your inner voice.

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Josh Cats is an interior design enthusiast who is interested in everything needed to create the most beautiful home environments. He works with ThinkQuote, which is passionate about connecting homeowners with quality and affordable entrepreneurs who can help make their personal projects a reality.

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