Metal Outdoor Furniture

Metal Outdoor Furniture

Tips on preventing rust on your metal furniture

Metal furniture has many benefits for patio use. Aside from being elegant and attractive, improving patio decor, it is also very durable and durable, and with minimal care it can last a lifetime. Preventing rust on it is crucial to its longevity. Here's what you should know about it.

Metal and weather

As itself, metal is very resistant to weather changes, sunlight, ice and rain, but it is prone to rust. In most cases, it is surface rust that can be easily removed, but at the end of the day it is the elegance and beauty of your metal furniture, not to mention that rust will stain pillows and other fabrics. The rust problem is particularly present in humid climates, such as the tropics or in the humidity of the oceanic weather. Salt water actually acts as a rust accelerator. We can claim that metal outdoor furniture is weather resistant but that they are not weather resistant. It can withstand a lot, but its color will change. Fortunately, there are many effective measures to prevent rust.

Most important – Keep it dry

As we said, if water or moisture sits on the metal surface of your furniture, it reacts with the metal components and rust is created. The rest in itself is good as it should protect the metal from further corrosion, but the problem is that it chips and melts and facilitates the invisible reddish color. Although metal furniture is more water resistant than basket or wooden furniture that can develop molds and eventually rot, they will also not benefit from the moisture. Wiping the spilled liquid or rainwater from the furniture surfaces will keep the rust in the bay. It also does not help to leave metal furniture unattended for a long time.

Keep furniture covered when not in use

Upholstery has several advantages for metal outdoor furniture. While the chairs give a nice new look, it also protects them from the elements. And the best part is that if it gets dirty or moldy you can always remove it and get it washed. You can also use pillows, backrests and arm covers. These will minimize the exposure to moisture, but also the heat, which helps the rusting process.

Keep it away during off-season

No matter how durable they are, metal outdoor furniture is best stored inside when not in use, for example from late fall to early spring, or when leaving home for extended periods. Store it in the garage or in a dry shed, where it will be out of the moisture area. There are even large waterproof outdoor covers that can be purchased from reputable sources and used to cover outdoor furniture when not in use or when the weather is constantly changing, so indoor storage is not an option.

Apply protective products

You can also use some of the commercial rust protection products, such as pasta wax, which is not only water resistant but it keeps your outdoor metal furniture looking and shiny throughout the year. Before applying paste, clean the metal surfaces and allow to dry completely. The best results are achieved with a wide brush, which helps you apply the coat all over the surfaces. You can also use quality products to prevent rust based on grease or oil, for regular maintenance of metal surfaces. Rust and oiled metal do not go hand in hand.

Whatever technique you use, remember that the most important thing is to keep the moisture away. You can achieve this by storing the furniture when not in use, using protective covers or covering it with a layer of pasta wax or rust-resistant oils.

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