Four Easy Ways to Quickly Improve Your

Four Easy Ways to Quickly Improve Your Bathroom

4 simple and effective ways to quickly improve your bathroom

Restoring a functional or aesthetically outdated bathroom does not have to be a complete overhaul. The following is a brief summary of some creative but relatively easy-to-make projects to instantly update the look and functionality of your bathroom.

Install a new medicine cabinet with special accents

The medicine cabinet is a central component of all bathrooms. Without it, the wash basin and its counter space will always be messy with toothbrushes, care aids and all kinds of hygienic and cosmetic items. Instead of settling for the usual, why not remove the existing medicine cabinet and replace it with something special? New medical cabinets are relatively inexpensive and can easily be hung on plaster or wall anchors. Smart looking cabinets can be combined with wall mounted swing arm mirrors or equally smart accent lighting fixtures that create a whole new look in your bathroom.

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Ventilate that shower vapor

Shower steam creates a tapped environment in the bathroom and will eventually take its toll in the form of mold and plasterboard. Installing or replacing an outdated bathroom ventilation prevents moisture and condensation from structural damage to your bathroom. An added benefit is that you can enjoy looking in a mirror that is without fog. Some people simply vent their shower steam directly onto the wind. This is a mistake. The right way to install a ventilation fan includes running an exhaust duct through the attic and through a side wall or ceiling in the same way that you would vent the exhaust gases from a clothes dryer. In any case, always take shower steam outdoors.

Put that sink on a pedestal

A lightweight and elegant pedestal sink can be used to replace the bulky sink, creating a smart look that saves lots of space. This secret does wonders for small bathrooms where every square meter is valuable property. Installing a new porcelain socket is a job for a professional plumber who will have the experience and tools needed to work in the small cavity in the sink's base. An Orangeville plumbing expert from Plumb Perfect Ltd recommends remodelers contact a professional plumber if they want to install a new porcelain dish, as work on the small pedestal hole requires specialized training and tools to accomplish.

Save the bar (and curtain)

Bathtub drawers with sliding doors help keep the bathroom floors dry as all water is left in the tub when you take a shower. The very best shower curtains are all less than 100% effective in keeping water off the floor. This is usually why many people keep so many rugs in their bathrooms. Modern shower cabinets have doors, but basic bathtubs do not. The idea is that you are expected to go back to using a shower rod and curtain. To avoid this, look for a more advanced design that allows you to include sliding doors. To install door casing doors on a new tub enclosure, it is necessary to run aluminum rails along the exterior wall of the tub and ceiling. These rails have room for the sliding doors that will replace the shower bar and curtain.

Those who feel thoroughly submerged in their bathroom will benefit from these project ideas and simple how to make the most tiring space in the house one that conveys a sense of style and character to each guest and visitor.

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