Simple Bedroom Design For Small Space

Simple Bedroom Design For Small Space

simple bedroom design

Bedroom is the place where you can feel relaxed. Almost every activity you do is in your bedroom. Therefore, you need to choose the best design for your room. For people who like the simple design, this is the perfect opportunity for you. We have all the simple bedroom design that you can use right away.

Simple bedroom design ideas

It is not easy to design your own bedroom to save space. You need to think about the placement of the furniture and other aspects. Here we transform your messy room into a simple one that you dream of. This is the right time to apply all the ideas we give you here. The following ideas explain all the information you need for your simple bedroom design, e.g. B. furniture, wall structure, wall decoration and flooring.


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The choice of furniture is important if you don't have enough space. You can choose a small desk to save space in your bedroom. Place a cupboard under the desk like a picture above it. You can also use 3 in 1 bed. It can turn the bed into a mini closet and sofa. To make it more perfect, you can attach a closet to the wall. The function is to put your book when you are not using it, instead of putting it on the floor. It will disrupt your activity in your little bedroom.

Wall texture

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You don't have to choose a complicated wall structure to beautify the room. Remember, we offer you the simple bedroom design. Of course, we use a simple method to change your room. As you can see in the picture above, the designer chooses the simple red color. Not only the wall structure, but also the bed sheet is red. The designer really thinks carefully about how to make the simple bedroom charming. For the final touch, place the red carpet according to the color of the wall structure.

Wall decoration

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In fact, simple bedroom design does not require exceptional wall decor. But it will make your room feel lonely. To prevent this, you can choose the simple decor for your bedroom. You can copy as in the picture above. It uses a poster and a photo to make the room look beautiful.


<img class = "wp-image-15339 size-full” title=”Flooring” src=”” alt=”Floor "width =" 800 "height =" 600″/>
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Next we go to the bottom section. Just use a wood accent, it is enough to show the simplicity. You can put a large carpet under your bed. The goal is to make your bedroom look simple. Choose the same color for the carpet as in the picture above.

Simple bedroom themed ideas

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This is something special for people who want a unique but simple bedroom. We offer you the simple ideas for bedroom themes that you can use in your room. The theme we choose is Hello Kitty.


There isn't a lot of furniture to choose from if you want something simple. In order to fit in well with the topic, the designer uses all of the Hello Kitty material. From the bedroom, the trash can and the closet. All things use pink colors. The bed sheet also uses Hello Kitty image. In addition, set up a window and a night lamp to make the room as complete as never before.

Wall texture

To support the Hello Kitty theme, the color pink is used for the wall texture. We know that the color looks exactly like the white color. But it is not true, the designer chooses the delicate pink color. So it won't look so over the top.


Although the Hello Kitty theme is used, we don't have to include all of the things related to Hello Kitty. It uses the simple wood accent for the floor. To make it similar to the topic, the designer laid two carpets. The one who uses the Hello Kitty face and the other is a normal pink carpet.

You can also check out another bedroom design using the link below. Use this to expand your knowledge of bedroom design.

Simple bedroom design space concept

After we have given you all the ideas you need to design your small bedroom. In the next step, we will give you the concept that will give you brilliant ideas for creating your own simple bedroom.

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Concept 2 "width =" 800 "height =" 650
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Choosing a simple bedroom design is not easy. But after looking at the ideas above, it will inspire you to choose the best design. This is the right time for you to turn your bedroom into that!

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