Parisian Style Bedroom

Parisian Style Bedroom

Create a Paris-style bedroom and how to capture it

There is nothing like the Parisian delicate and romantic style and over the years the associated soft and unique designs have become popular all over the world. Many admire the elegant furniture and the soft cream colors as well as the design of the Eiffel Tower that takes people away to beautiful and elegant Paris. Special bedrooms have often adopted design, art, style and character in either elegant or small and quirky Parisian cafes. There are many ways in which you can integrate a Parisian look into your bedroom through furniture, colors, furniture, wall art and ornaments.

Soft wall colors such as cream, purple, spring green, light pink and pastel colors are the most ideal shades to back up your furniture and decorative decor to capture a Parisian theme.

Traditional French furniture

Often associated with Marie Antoinette and the grand Frenchchâteau, traditional Parisian furniture has the look of elegance and classic ballroom refinement that boasts wealth and style. This type of furniture is usually in cream or light bronze / metal-like shades and is clad in velvet or silk material. Since this is an old style of furniture, you will find antique antique pieces at antique dealers, but many furniture companies sell modern versions that are easy to obtain.

Chaise longue was a popular upholstered sofa that took the shape of a chair. The name "chaise longue" translates roughly to recliner, a piece of furniture that was especially popular under 16th and 17th century France. This chair gives your bedroom a touch of refined elegance and adds seating in your bedroom.

French armoires are traditional and ornate wardrobes. Originally white / cream with gold details, they are shaped with detailed curves that often seem neoclassical. These too have been replicated and remodeled and are available from many furniture retailers to give your clothes a beautiful home, an exquisite addition to your bedroom.

Beautifully decorated beds that seem to belong in a palace may be the ultimate peak in your Parisian bedroom. They are often expensive to get hold of, antiques or modernized pieces, but they can make your room feel like you are in your own castle.


Modern French furniture

Modern French furniture is usually white and many incorporate a basic set of white furniture into their bedrooms for a modern, yet elegant touch.

Plain white beds and headboards can give your bedroom a fresh feel with a touch of classic design, just without intricacy and extravagance. These are usually shown as large double / king size beds and are as lavish as they are large.

Elegant, white dressing tables with a stool or chair are also very typically French and let you make-up or your hair as if you were out in the beautiful city of Paris. Dressers are also an ideal addition.

Parisian style

Concerned metal furniture is a popular choice for those who decorate their bedroom in French style. It gives rise to sitting in a picturesque Parisian cafe or even giving a feel of the French countryside. Distressed ornaments also add timeless French beauty, such as watches, picture frames and anything else you can find that appears to be distressed metal.

Other metal objects such as garden style chairs are good to use as decoration in your bedroom. These usually have intricate metal swirls and look just as elegant and are excellent to wear in black to contrast with your pale wall and furniture colors. This type of furniture in your bedroom seems to come from a Parisian cafe.

Many choose to keep the decor basic and find some kind of French artwork to give the room its Parisian feel. This can be in the form of objects or paintings with the Eiffel Tower, or objects with French-speaking, phrases or works of art.

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