Modern Living Room Designs

Modern Living Room Designs

Household design trends are always changing, so it only makes sense that over time you might want to give the spaces in your home a chic makeover – and the living room might be first on the list. After all, the living room is one of the most used spaces in the homes. It is a place where your family and friends relax and enjoy each other's company. To freshen up your living room for a sense of high style, keep the following five simple tips in mind.

Choose a completely white look

Helvit is a proven color scheme that inspires an ultra-modern sense of living room. To see the space, choose pieces such as your sofa, coffee table, rugs and even flooring in this neutral tone. Of course, when you choose a completely white color scheme, you naturally run the risk of creating a room with a flat appearance. Give your space extra depth by picking white pieces with unique structures, or choose different white shades, such as cream, ivory or antique.

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Add a contact point

Think of your living room as in a photograph or drawing. Just like with a picture, you want to create a point of contact that draws people in. Fireplaces are natural focal points that express a classic sense of style, one that becomes noticeable as soon as guests enter the room. Don't have a fireplace? No problem! A large painting, media center or mirror arrangement are all perfect ways to draw attention to a place and give your space a polished look.

Arrange furniture away from the walls

Living room is a natural place for conversation, so you want to structure the layout of your space to reflect this. To create a warm environment, pull your furniture away from the walls. Your space will immediately have a warmer atmosphere that invites guests to relax. Keeping furniture away from the walls makes your living room feel bigger.

Incorporate lots of light

The right type of lighting can indicate a lot about a space. A layered lamp system gives the illusion of dimension to even small spaces in a way that can instantly make your room feel more modern. Start with a strong lighting system consisting of ceiling lighting or wall lamps to create layered lamps. Then you strategically illuminate data over sections where you and your family and guests will usually be, like the seating area. Finally, add accent lighting to specific places you want to highlight, such as around accent decorations or even at the living room. Want even more lighting for your space? Use table or floor lamps in abstract and fashionable designs.

Add the final hand

Now that you've taken care of the most important design elements in your living room, you want to add some finishing touches to round out the look. Try using designer pillows in modern design for your sofas or an elegant table runner for the coffee table – these small accents are easy ways to complete your modern living room. If you have chosen the white living room, bold colors and patterns will give your space an extra pop of elegant elegance.

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