Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas With
  The Fireplace

Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas With The Fireplace

Minimalist living room design
© Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör

The living room is one of the most important rooms at home. We have to make it beautiful even if we use a minimalist living room design. If we live in a country that is winter, it would be better if we put up a nice fireplace that is interested in our living room. However, if we live in a tropical country, you can also use a fireplace as a decoration or use it when it rains.

We want to share some fantastic minimalist living room designs from Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör that can be breathtaking for you. The Scandinavian interior design is still the favorite design that can be used in your room. The soft handle and lines are identical to the Scandinavian style. Based on this statement, we all know that it must be the soft and cozy living room where we can relax while resting or talking to a family or friend.

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© Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör

The first living room layout was so exquisite. It doesn't use too many accents to describe the luxurious feel, but that's enough and still looks elegant and natural. The small and modern fireplace design looks like a cute stove in the living area. The furniture material is also friendly to welcome your guests.

Minimalist living room design "width =" 578 ​​"height =" 845 "srcset =" 578w, -content / uploads / 2016/04 / 202644_andralangg_18_low_0029-205x300.jpg 205w, 287w "sizes =" (max width:) 100vw, 578px
© Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör

The beautiful ceiling in the attic would be nice for your inspiration for the living room. You can create a fantastic ceiling space that has been modified. Black and white are a great choice for your living room color ideas. Modern themes are the simple design that you can request for your residence.

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© Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör

Minimalist living room design In this small living room was embellished by the creative features. The unique wallpaper behind the sofa is not too mainstream to be with you in your free time. A simple furniture concept by the designer can be your idea to implement the minimalist concept that still looks fantastic.

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© Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör

This bedroom is almost the same as before. However, the lighting arrangement in this room is different. He uses the lamp with the dim lighting that might suit your activity. Attaching a unique decoration is also suitable for your cozy living room.

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© Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör

The living room colors that create the unexpected living room for you with combined shades. You can imagine how the two types of contrast color work together! But you can take a look at this simple living room decor and find the answer to your imagination.

Minimalist architecture "width =" 1082 "height =" 722 "srcset =" 1082w, /uploads/2016/04/251688_roseng_3_low_0003-300x200.jpg 300w, 768w, / uploads / 2016/04 / 251688_roseng_3_low_0003-1024x683.jpg 1024w, 696w, / uploads / 2016/04 /251688_roseng_3_low_0003-1068x713.jpg 1068w, 629w "sizes =" (max width) 1082px
© Alvhem Mäkleri and Interiör

The last minimalist living room design was completed with the simple living room layout. It still uses the simple furniture and white background. The traditional fireplace, influenced by the modern style, is amazing and unique.

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