Master Bedroom Additions For Extreme

Master Bedroom Additions For Extreme Luxury

The large bedroom in your home is often seen as your personal oasis. A place to get away from the rest of the world. With a few luxurious additions, your bedroom can be transformed into a stunning master suite. The limits of what can be done with your bedroom are unlimited as long as you have the imagination to create them. Listed below are a few different extras for extreme luxury.

Master Bedroom balcony

A balcony off your main bedroom not only makes it desirable to spend time in the room for you, it will also add value to your home if you ever want to market your home. A balcony contributes to your personal oasis in your bedroom as it allows you to go outside without having to venture through your home and family.



A large walk-in closet is a necessity for all bedrooms. If the wardrobe is just for her, a wardrobe with 8 × 10 feet will go well, but if the wardrobe is to be shared by both spouses, a 10 × 10 foot wardrobe is necessary. You can even look stylish and have seating installed in the wardrobe for an elegant feel. The master bedroom should have enough wardrobe space for all your clothes to be properly arranged without being cramped while also giving you room to move.

Large shower cubicle and jacuzzi

The bathroom connected to your master bedroom should not only add to the elegance of the overall scheme of the suite, they should also add to the possibility of self-surrender. A large shower cubicle is a luxury that every bathroom needs as it contributes to the excess and luxury of the area. Heated floors along with ajacuzzi additions to the master bathroom allow you to unwind and relax after a long hard day at work.


Large windows

The master bedroom is usually strategically located with a great view from home. Large windows in this room not only give you the opportunity to enjoy the view but also add light to this space. The natural light makes you feel like you live in a castle and have a tower for yourself.

Sitting area with fireplace

There are times you just want to curl in front of the fire and enjoy quiet time without being disturbed by the outside world. The addition of a fireplace sitting area in your bedroom gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fireplace with the much sought after privacy. You may also consider other seating for a good time with a good book. With Vancouver major renovations available to help you with these upgrades, you can be sure to get what you want.

These are just a few different additions you can make in your bedroom suite for extreme luxury. One bedroom should be designed with self-esteem and luxury in mind. Addition to your bedroom to add luxury is limited only by your imagination.

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