Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Would you like to remove your old carpet, vinyl or linoleum and invest in hardwood floors? Instead of laying the normal parquet floor in your house, you should consider the option of hardwood. Wood materials are becoming increasingly popular due to the high style and durability of the product.

Here are some details about hardwood that you should consider before making a choice for your home.


Parquet floors are an extremely durable product. Bump resistant and ideal for children and pets. Once you have it installed in your home, you will notice the difference and know that you have made the right choice for your family. This durable product gives you more choices Where to install your hardwoods. Have you always wanted hardwood floors in your basement or in your workshop? With hardwood, you can lay the flooring in places where normal hardwoods would not be an option. High traffic is not a problem if wood-based materials are installed in your house that can withstand everyday wear and tear without buckling or warping.

Easy maintenance and installation

A deterrent when laying hardwood floors can be an inconvenience due to everyday disruption. Once installed, hardwoods usually require a lot of maintenance, e.g. B. reworking or re-dyeing. Once installation is complete, parquet floors no longer need to be maintained. Hardwood veneer is usually much thicker than normal hardwood, so post-processing is not required. You can enjoy the things that are really important in life without having to rework or color every year.

More for your money

Money is always the end result and to round off the benefits of the specially designed hardwood, the investment is worth it. Overall, hardwood may not be the cheapest option, but much more practical in the long run. Less maintenance over the years saves you time and money. How can you refuse? Some homeowners may fear that this product will not last as long as traditional hardwoods, but they are wrong. These special hardwoods are designed for longevity and correspond to the lifespan of other hardwoods, if not even longer. When most floors need to be replaced, hardwoods have proven their worth. Hardwoods are undoubtedly an investment, but if you want to put time and money into a project, get it right the first time and choose hardwood.

Deciding what type of flooring to choose for your home is a big decision. Regardless of whether you want to spend a significant amount of money or not, you should always consider the long-term benefits of your decision. Solid wood floors and parquet floors are often considered the same, although the process of making both products is completely different in reality. If you research, you will find out why hardwood is the right decision to update your current flooring or build a new home.

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Korus Wood Flooring specializes in hardwood floors for private households. Available in over 50 styles, including a variety of colors and patterns wooden floor impregnated with acrylic was developed to withstand the highest traffic, which is specially tailored to your home.

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