Italian Touch Home Design Ideas

Italian Touch Home Design Ideas

Italian style interior design

Italian architecture and interior are some of the most beautiful spaces you will ever see. This is especially true for Tuscan farmhouse styles. However, Italians don't have to be the only ones to enjoy this. You too can add a touch of Italian Tuscan farmhouse to your home for a touch of rusticness.

Vintage furniture

A great way to give your home a Tuscan style is to invest in vintage furniture. Some good examples are vintage picture frames and mirrors or maybe a classic Florentine chest of drawers?

Table settings

Look for classic and / or classic Italian tablecloths (not the red and white from Italian restaurants in the 80s) as a starting point for Italian table decorations. Combine this with fresh flowers and a bowl of bread. Bellisimo.


Italian textiles have a worldwide reputation for beauty and elegance. Bring some Italian textiles to your home for a subtle charm. Good places to use Italian textiles are living room chairs or sofa throws.

Equip rustic style

Use rustic Italian accessories, especially in the kitchen, to give the room an old world Italian flair. A good but bold example is an animal head above the stove, but this would only work in larger kitchens! You can also hang vintage pots on the wall – this also serves as useful kitchen equipment and interior.

Dirt road

If you have a house with a driveway, driving on a gravel road will give you an authentic Italian feel. Gravel is a great material for the driveway: it is available in many colors, inexpensive and requires little maintenance. A win-win-win scenario, I think.

Al fresco

Eating outside is a great pleasure and something that is also typically Italian. In this warm weather, there is no better time to pick up garden chairs and a table and sit and eat outside. If you are remodeling your house and developing the garden, it may be a good idea to provide an area for such an occasion. If you are lucky and the building / development plans allow it, you can include an area with overhead protection called the loggia. This means that you can use the room more often in bad weather. - Save $ 10 on the $ 150 Coupon.

Farm table

Farm tables are great for several reasons. They give your kitchen / dining room a homely charm, are robust and withstand bumps and nicks. In fact, such damage is practically encouraged because it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the table.

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