Comfy Apartment Design with Attractive
  Scandinavian Ideas

Comfy Apartment Design with Attractive Scandinavian Ideas

The requirements of urban life offer a variety of apartments, such as B. apartments. The practical location and in the middle of the city make this place of residence attractive for many people.

Sometimes when we're in a building we get bored. If you bring a cozy atmosphere into the apartment, the apartment feels comfortable and not boring.

For those of you who want to make the atmosphere of your home pleasant, you will of course need some references. And here we have provided Comfy Apartment Design with 5 attractive Scandinavian ideas. So, let's try it out!

White and gray Scandinavian living room

The bright appearance of the room is one of the characteristics of the Scandinavian style. The use of white and gray colors for the room underlines the Scandinavian design. White and gray are the right color combination to bring a sweet and comfortable look into the room.

Jendela besar yang dihiasi dengan net curtain membuat cahaya matahari dapat masuk ke dalam apartment dengan bebas sehingga apartment akan terasa hangat dan nyaman. Penggunaan cahaya natural juga membuat ruangan terlihat lebih luas. Jadi, Sangat Cocok for Diterapkan Pada Apartemen Tipe Studio.

Simple Scandinavian apartment living room

13269 - Good Scandinavian Minimalist Living Room Idea - # 30 #Awesome #Scandinavian #Interior #Designs #For # 2020

Some people prefer a simple room. They assume that a simple room looks sweeter. By using the required furniture, the room appears more spacious.

Rustic furniture and decorations make the apartment look stiff. However, this can be overcome by using a touch of black in some room decorations. The black color in the Scandinavian style makes the apartment look more attractive and eye-catching.

Additional decoration in the form of a carpet gives the room a sweet look, but does not remove the simple look of the room. The small coffee table gives this room a sweet look.

Small Scandinavian apartment bedroom

A small and simple Scandinavian apartment - Daily Dream Decor

Windows that remain without decoration make Scandinavian apartment beds look simple and cute. Avoid using curtains so that the sunlight falls freely into the room and looks brighter.

Layered bedding with bare colors gives the room a sweet look. This also makes the bed softer, so it feels more comfortable. Thanks to the layered bed linen, the bed also feels warm.

Decoration in the form of rattan adds natural elements to the room, which make the room appear sweeter, warmer and more attractive.

Eliminate the use of doors in beds and living spaces

A small but stylish Scandinavian apartment - DAS NORDROOM

The door serves as a barrier between one room and another room. However, this article also makes the room look small. With small apartments, it is the right idea to do without doors. The living room and bedroom look together and feel more spacious.

The use of wooden floors has indeed become a hallmark of the Scandinavian style. Wooden floors can also be used as an alternative to distinguishing between one room and another. The use of wood with different colors in the bedroom and living room of the apartment gives the illusion that this space is not fused.

Similar colors for the living room and bedroom make these two rooms look harmonious.

Kitchen dining room Scandinavian apartment

Pereți gri și decor Nordic într-un apartment of 74 m²

When optimizing the function of the apartment, the combination of dining room and kitchen is a very suitable idea. The use of small carpets gives the impression that there is a dining room in a kitchen.

Appearance and generous impression in the apartment are presented in a room by combining the two functions of the room. The matching colors make this room look uniform and harmonious, so that the room feels very pleasant.


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