Home Lighting Ideas

Home Lighting Ideas

Home lighting: 4 easy ways to bring more light into your home

Many are struggling to get enough light into their homes, especially during the winter months when nights come earlier. So how can you increase the amount of light in your house or apartment?

Nobody likes a dark house, but as winter approaches, the amount of natural light diminishes. If you long for a little away from weak walls and shadows, consider these four ways to increase the amount of light in your house.

  1. Make the most of Autumn's natural light by cleaning windows and fixtures

One of the quickest and easiest ways to allow some more natural light in the house is to clean the windows. It is easy to ignore the dirty build-up that is being developed, especially in built-up areas such as cities, but a quick clean-up can often allow more light in than you expected, and your home seems brighter. You can also paint your walls in lighter colors to help natural light pass through it.

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Even the most beautiful view will be foggy and faint through a dirty window!

Photo by Chris Waits / CC BY

Cleaning can also be helpful when it comes to lighting. Many candles are prone to gather dust and debris. In addition to being a fire hazard, dust and dirt get in the way of light, making your house appear dimmer and dirtier.

Increase the level of artificial lighting in your home to brighten your décor

Instead of relying on light like our ancestors, there is today a wide range of artificial lighting to choose from. Whether you are looking for mounted lighting, such as ceiling luminaires or separate lamps that can be moved around the house, there are hundreds of options. Even just one or two extra lights can turn a dark room into a light. If your lamps look a little tired but you don't want to replace them, you may want to look for new lamp shades or even paint the fixture to look it up.

Lanterns - fukumix

Light does not have to be boring – try to look for light that fits the theme of your room

Photo by fukumix / CC BY

You may also want to examine your light bulbs if your lamps are not as bright as you would like them to be. Do you use old-fashioned echo bulbs? Some echo bulbs take up to ten minutes to fully illuminate and can give the room a slightly gloomy atmosphere. If you are bothered by the fog in your bulbs, do not be afraid to replace them with newer models and keep the old ones as spare parts.

Use more glass and other transparent material indoors

A good way to make the most of the light you have is to let it pass through your house as much as possible. By using transparent or translucent materials, light can travel through your house virtually unhindered and shadows are kept to a minimum. Perspex furniture is virtually translucent and is a great way to provide your living space if you do not have a lot of space and do not want something too intrusive.

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Stairs in glass can give a modern look and at the same time add light to your stairs

Photo by shop boy / CC BY

The railings and handrails with glass can help to light up an area that is traditionally quite difficult to light: the stairs and the hall. Transparency also helps them blend into the furniture around them and fits seamlessly into different forms of décor. They can also help to modernize an old-fashioned house without colliding with the current interior.

Adding skylights can dramatically increase the amount of light coming into your property

If you are interested in renovating your property, a good way to add light to your home is to add skylights. While it may seem drastic, skylights are perfectly angled to catch the sun and can be a great way to increase the amount of light in your property.

Skylights - Anne

Skylights are an attractive way to increase the amount of light in your property, but make sure they are installed by a professional; Amateur fittings can lead to leaks or even permanent damage to your property.

Lighting is one of the best ways to improve your house and increase its value. If you decorate your house, you can do worse than spend some time thinking about the role light plays in your rooms.

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