Waterproofing Outdoor Furniture

Waterproofing Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a good addition to your house but it can be a problem in some situations, such as rain. This means that you should waterproof it to use it longer. Most of the outdoor furniture is water resistant, but that is not enough. It must be waterproof. But even if you have some waterproof equipment outdoors, it loses its qualities over time. That is why you should maintain and waterproof it seasonally; normally during spring and autumn.

Investing in waterproofing is a good idea as it will make your furniture last longer. Sometimes the paint is peeled away and outdoor objects have to be freshened. For this reason, you may need to do some other work on the equipment before sealing.

Waterproof outdoor furniture

When doing so, do not forget to check the manufacturer's instructions as some products may be harmful to the fabrics.

Now let's talk about how you can waterproof your furniture. See if it helps.

To waterproof your outdoor equipment, you need waterproof spray. Before using it, however, you should prepare the furniture.

# Use hand vacuum to go over the furniture. Make sure you collect all the dust, food and other particles that may be present. Use oil soaps and warm water if your furniture is made of wood. If it is very dirty, use outdoor fabric cleaners before proceeding to waterproofing. The reason you do all this is because when you apply the waterproof spray it will seal in it and if there is dirt on the objects it will remain on them.

# There is waterproof paint, paint or spray. Whatever you choose, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions. Do not forget to apply the spray to dry furniture. It works best on dry surfaces. This means that you have to waterproof the equipment on a sunny day when no rain is expected.

# Make sure you prevent the spray from reaching plants and animals as it may damage them. To ensure a safe process, place the furniture on a driveway, patio or elsewhere, but just make sure it is an area that is far from plants.

# Then continue applying the spray. Cover the seams well. You must avoid moisture from accumulating there.

# When you are done spraying the furniture, allow it to dry completely before using it again. If the furniture gets dry in the meantime and the stars are raining, make sure you keep it indoors.

Several other tips:

  • Before waterproofing, make sure there are some scratches on the fabric. You must repair them to apply the spray.
  • Read the labels on the waterproofing spray and pay particular attention to the warning signs. Although some products are good to use on some fabrics, they should not be applied to other fabrics. If you do not want to ruin your furniture, it is strongly recommended that you pay attention to this.
  • If you happen to waterproof your outdoor gear during a windy day, you must wear protective clothing and goggles. Otherwise, you risk getting spray on your skin or eyes.
  • Most of the furniture fabrics make it possible to use the same waterproofing formulas commonly used on sailboats.

So now you should be ready to waterproof your outdoor furniture and prepare them for humid days. Always ensure that you follow these tips to ensure safe and effective waterproofing.

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