Feng Shui Entryways

Feng Shui Entryways

Maybe you have made your entire home to be more fengshui-friendly, but did you skip an important step? Some people overlook their entrance when they reorganize their home. This part of the home is undoubtedly the most important for positive energy flow and balance. Here are six tips for inviting good vibes into your house, right from the door.

Discover your Bagua

Discover fengshui bagua at your entrance, then choose colors and shapes to coincide with. For example, if your bagua is fame, you may want to choose shades of red; if it is love and marriage you can choose heart shaped decor. This is a great way to set the tone of your home as you walk through the door.

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Clear clutter for free energy flow

Clear all the clutter from your entrance, including from the porch, the path to the front door and your garden. This helps positive energy flow, without hindrance, into your home. When the mess is gone you can add items, such as a welcome mat and fresh plants.

Reflect on the bad

Hang a mirror or shiny decor on the front door. Feng shui experts believe that this will reflect all the bad energy outside so that it does not enter the home. Use a mirror to protect your home in your entrance and to symbolize happiness.

Image Credit - librepensadora.com
Image Credit – librepensadora.com

Front Door Energy

Make sure the front door opens into the home, not the outside. A door that opens inward is welcoming and draws good energy inside. Doors opened in the other direction can destroy the entire house's feng shui – if necessary, replace the hinges so that the door is opened in the right direction. Also add a fresh color to your front door, but choose the color wisely. A strong door from Sunrise Windows & Doors Depot Ltd. painted either green, symbolizing money or nature, or red, which symbolized abundance and wealth will help the positive energy stay in your home.

landing Space

Add a strong landing space to your entrance. This can be a small table with a lamp on, a large table with fresh flowers or even a simple, colorful mat if space is limited. The interior should not be completely clear – there should be something there to collect good energy.

Are you still wondering why entry is an important aspect of a positive energy home? The home's front door is what absorbs positive energy, which will nourish the rest of your space. By circulating the positive energy throughout your home, everyone living in your home or visiting will experience well-being. Remember that it is always important to enter your home through the front door.

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