Decorating ideas for home

Decorating ideas for home

Simple tips to make your home unique

Decorating and decorating your home can be an expensive process, especially when you want it to be done properly. But having a special and unique home doesn't have to cost a lot of money and with some smart features you can have the personal home you've always wanted.


One of the best tips when it comes to simple things you can do for your personal space at home to make it look great – is to get rid of the mess. A cluttered home is an extension of a cluttered mind and when you come home from a long day at the office, your safe haven and retreat becomes an anxious nightmare as you try to find a place to sit with a quiet cup of tea.

Be completely ruthless when it comes to getting rid of the mess in your home. Be very clear that there are personal items with sentimental value and then there are garbage. Saving every stump from bus trips or concerts and memorials is starting to become a borderline that gets obsessed, just waiting to happen.

If you can't throw something away, get a friend or family member to come and help you, otherwise you will just continue to live in the mess and disturbance.


If you have a number of color themes running through your home, it's now time to sort them out. You will hardly create the unique style look that represents you with 5 or 6 vases in different colors that strive for space on the mantle. Your home will start to look more like a yard sale.

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Picture ctsy –

Remove decorations and debris that really do not deserve a place in your home – donate them to the local thrift store or charity so they can sell items that you no longer use or want.

You can unpack the other items and with a few months or so, rotate the color scheme to give your home a fresh look every time, unpack display items and ornaments that don't fit. This way, you create more impact a home that is a tribute to the unique person you are, rather than showing the world that you live in a mess.

Although themes, you can adopt a certain theme and carry it throughout the house. You can choose an elegant Victorian townhouse theme or an 1930s art deco theme. Some of the most unique looks can be created by going retro. How about a 1950s American dining room for your kitchen, or a 1980s yuppy pillow for your family room? A bedroom in shabby chic French Provencal style stands out. Scour the local flea markets, farm sales and thrift stores for bargains but also remember that many retailers and designers have new items with a retro or vintage theme.

Eye-catching furniture

When it comes to large pieces of unique looking furniture for your home, you do not want a total mix match of collections you have made along the way. Instead, select an unusual piece for each room and leave it as the point of contact. If you have a rather dramatic old red chair, do not let it compete for space between your red sofa, lamp and carpet, instead go neutral in the rest of the room and let the chair hold its own.

Finding the best furniture doesn't have to blow your budget either. If you can't afford the high end designer range, one of the easiest ways to hit antique markets and booths is to find a beloved old chair or unique piece of furniture that dies for a new home and some TLC. Chances are that the furniture will live up to and remain a talking point for years to come. A much more exciting and heartwarming story than shopping online at one of the top retailers and having an incredibly expensive sofa delivered the same day.

Find your style

Not sure what type of décor style suits you? Just look in your closet and check out all your clothes and you will find the answers in there. Do you have many neutrals and pastels and natural colors? Your style is down to earth, environmentally friendly, calm and balanced. Do you have many designs, colors and shapes? Your style can be art deco, retro or modern.

Do you have many bright colors? You may want to integrate the styles and mood that are reminiscent of the beauty of countries like Morocco or Kenya. Do you have a combination of classic clothing and simple, modern clothes in the closet? You may like the minimalist, modern look of your home. Lots of clean lines, modern shapes and polished chrome finishes, polished ceramics and shiny glass.

Unique art

One of the biggest and boldest statements about personal style in a home is the artwork. You do not need to maximize the credit card on a gallery for a statement. Find a local artist and get them commissioned to recreate your vision or visit the vacation studies at art / design colleges. Student work is always cheaper and you never know, you may well find yourself not only with a unique work to decorate your home, but a work from a future art star.

The biggest secret to making your home unique is that it does not have to cost a lot of money nor does it take years to achieve. Simple, simple, tasteful and all you – just the best it can be.

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