Country style decorating

Country style decorating

Country style decorating

Rural-style furnishings are one of the best ways to create a cozy and informal atmosphere in your home. This is a style that is good not only for residential areas; You can create a quiet yet cheerful country style bedroom and bathroom quite easily with some rustic touches.

Putting the country look into your bedroom

Turning your bedroom into a country-style paradise doesn't have to be an overly expensive project. Here are some tips you can get started.

Get rid of the ultra-modern stuff.
While today's definition of country style has become more eclectic, there are still some things that would be in place in a rustic setting. If you have elegant chrome items in your bedroom, it's time to put them away. Curtains or throw pillows with bold modern designs must also go.

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Choose a classic pastoral pattern for your fabrics.
Some fabric patterns almost scream as you look at them. Stripes, checks, soft blankets, chintz or calico will do much to make your bedroom's land area. Fabrics in these designs can also be a great place to start your color scheme or combine all the colors in the room.

Get the magic in color.
Color is one of the strongest ways of expressing itself in all rooms. Blue and white, for example, give your bedroom a truly rustic stamp. Apart from blue and white, there are many other colors to choose from; Just make sure you spread the color consistently and stay away from modern neon.

Add a few real country accessories.
A great bonus for creating a country-style bedroom would be an old-fashioned brass bed, but even without it there are some accessories that give a great dose of country charm. Since your bed occupies a considerable amount of space in your bedroom, a traditional duvet would be a good investment. With just this piece, you're halfway done creating a cozy rust for your sleeping space. You may want to add a plain white jug and use it as a vase for colorful flowers, a wicker or wicker basket for your bed reading materials or a wicker mat.

A bathroom with Country Ambiance

The bathrooms may have some cozy rustiness with just a few ingenious features. Here are some of the simple things you can do to create a pastoral atmosphere in yours.

Get a cabbage foot tub to say it all.
While this item can be quite expensive, nothing says "country" as clearly as a clapboard tub. Fortunately, manufacturers are now making lighter, smaller, (and cheaper) acrylic versions of this picturesque tub. If you find that the beauty of beauty in the regular hardware stores is too expensive, you might want to try eBay or Amazon for a used bathtub and have it re-emailed.

Choose the right accessory.
Some well-chosen accessories can turn a standard bathroom into a retreat in the country. On your bathroom counter you can put ceramic soap and lotion machines with the usual agricultural motifs – flowers, birds or animals. If your bathroom has a small window, dress it with cotton or lace curtains. For good measure, you can also add the usual rattan hamper and hang a simple cross stitch sampler to get the country into your bathroom.

Pay attention to the fixtures.
Most bathroom faucets are elegant chrome fittings that do well in modern bathrooms but add nothing to the country environment you are trying to put together. The good news is that there are many bathrooms and bathroom faucets on the market today so you can install one of them. You can also explore the possibility of using barn hardware on the bathroom door; it will say land in an absolutely defining way.

Keep everything relaxed and comfortable

There are several versions of country style decor, and most decorators' strategy today is to allow a great deal of diversity. Depending on what you like, you can float along the lines of cottage country style or cottage country style or even French country style. You can also do a mix of several country styles as long as you avoid touching your bed and bathing with hard to resist knick-knacks. Just remember to keep everything relaxed and comfortable is what country style is all about.

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