Black & White Decoration for Living

Black & White Decoration for Living Room – The black color is often avoided by many people because it is assumed that it darkens the room so that the room feels stuffy. And also one of the reasons why black is avoided by many people because it can make a space cramped.

The black and white color is often used Men's rooms become cool and simple bedrooms. However, many people avoid using black in rooms that often serve as meeting places, e.g. B. in the living room. The combination of black and white makes the living room look different and cooler. If the parts are used in black, the room also looks elegant and attractive.

For those of you who are interested in using black in the living room, here are some tips for showing a different look in a living room with black and white decoration. It can also be your reference for decorating the living room. So, let's try it out!

Combine white & black to match

The black color is presented so that the room looks elegant, masculine and mature. However, if the use of black is too dominant, the living room appears narrow and dark. This of course makes the living room an uncomfortable place. And if the white color is too dominant, the living room looks stiff.

To make the living room look attractive, you should try to combine black and white appropriately. The right combination of black and white makes the living room look more attractive and different.

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If you're not sure how to combine black and white to get it right, you can use the swap system. For example, paint one side of a wall in black and the side of the wall in white, etc. And do the same with the furniture.

Present bright colors

To keep the room from looking stiff, presenting a few light colors is a tip that you can apply to the living room in your house. The presentation of gold, pink and nude colors makes the living room look sweeter and more attractive.

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Black and gold

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However, the use of light colors must remain on the parts. Do not use it too often as it only affects the black and white look in the living room.

Make sure the lighting in the living room fits

Lighting is very important for every room, including the living room. The black color absorbs the light in the living room. So make sure the light in the living room fits. Poor lighting can make the living room feel dark and crowded. Likewise, the living room can become uncomfortable with excessive lighting.

Use natural light to make the black and white living room look attractive and comfortable. You can use sunlight during the day. Therefore, use a window that is large enough to allow light to enter the living room.

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The sunlight that hits the black makes the black color shine. This makes black and white mature, masculine and elegant.

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