best Feng Shui statues for Home

best Feng Shui statues for Home

You must have heard of Feng Shui statues; but never really paid much attention, right? Well, you're not the only one. Now let's see what Feng Shui is all about! According to ancient Chinese philosophy, your home is an extension of your physical form. Therefore, the structure, condition and decoration of your house can affect your general well-being. So Feng Shui means that a number of specific changes in different areas of your home can result in positive energy.

Feng Shui statues are very easy to keep, and each of them has its own special way of helping the owner. Why don't you consider introducing Feng Shui statues into your home? Some popular feng shui statues that are very effective indoors are:

# 1. The laughing Buddha:

It is also called Matriya or Happy Buddha and is said to promote prosperity and happiness. It brings happiness, prosperity and success. The figures are available in different materials and poses. However, the one with large bars or gold treasure is considered the most ideal. Do not place them on the floor or anywhere in the bedroom, dining room or bathroom. The living room is good where it can be placed on a corner or a side table directly opposite the main door.

# 2. The kite turtle:

It is believed to be a long and successful life and to improve relationships with others. While the dragon attracts determination, courage and success, the turtle is a symbol of longevity. The baby turtle on the back should bring good luck to your offspring. For best results, get a kite turtle sitting on a stack of lucky coins or gold bars. Place the dragon turtle in your house in the southeast corner (prosperity corner) and place it in front of the door.

# 3. Fu ’Lu’ Sou:

These prestigious and revered Feng Shui statues can be found in almost every Chinese house. Fu is the god of wealth and happiness, Lu is the god of power and prosperity and Sou is the god of health and longevity. Fu is in the middle, Lu on the right and Sou on the left. They must be placed on a platform that is longer than the table length. A high sideboard is a great place from which these three gods can look out over the residents.

# 4. The money frog:

The three-legged money frog, also known as Jin Chan, is considered a harbinger of prosperity. With a coin in its mouth, it should attract prosperity and also protect against bad luck. However, this feng shui statue should not be placed opposite the main door and kept away from your bedroom, dining room and bathroom.

In addition, Feng Shui can also serve as a very attractive household decor. There are also other Feng Shui statues. You can choose what you need and try your luck!

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