Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

It is quite obvious how lighting is important in any part of the home. Usually, people focus on the lighting that goes on in the living room or study and that makes sense. However, this should not mean that the lighting in other rooms should be left to chance. The bathroom is very important room where you start and end the day. It is the most intimate corner of your home and with the right lighting it can be your oasis of energy. To turn it around that way, you need to make sure the lights there are absolutely perfect. Here are some things to consider when making this lighting.

Types of light

In the bathroom, just like in all other rooms, you have ambient lights, work lights and accent lights. The combination of these is very important so that you can achieve the effect you want. People usually make the mistake of simply putting a central light and a vanity light in the upper middle part of the mirror. This is actually among the worst combinations of light you can make for your bathroom. The light from above will make shadows on your face and the whole idea of ​​taking care will be much more difficult than you need. Instead of the upper light, select the two lights on the sides of your mirror in line with the center of your face. That way, your face gets the perfect amount of light.

Bright colours

All imperfections and small things that need to be worked on or that need to be covered are best visible in the bright white light. Halogen lamps are your best choice. Choosing different colors for your bathroom is not so smart as this is not the part of your home to experiment with colors. These lamps always have a good purpose. If you want to make sure you can create a little more intimate atmosphere there, you should use dimmer instead of the different light color. White is your best option here.

Types of light bulbs

There are all kinds of incandescent bulbs on the market today. When discussing bathrooms, the best options are halogen lamps. First of all, they are not that much more expensive than the incandescent lamps, and they can last much longer. Another benefit of using halogen light is the fact that they give you such a tint that best suits your skin.


This is not something to neglect when planning for the lights in your bathroom. Electrical installations must be made perfect, they must be flawlessly insulated and all fixtures on the walls must be suspended wherever possible. The dangers of electric shock are the biggest in the bathroom. Therefore, you should always consult an electrician when you have a new idea of ​​lamps in your bathroom. Also avoid all kinds of standing lamps and other similar items near your sink or bathtub. Secure before the uncertain.

These are just the basics when it comes to light in your bathroom. But you have to pay extra attention to these pointers as they can help you make your bathroom a relaxing place and that is really important for everyone.

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