5 Unique Home Features That Require
  Specialized Installation

5 Unique Home Features That Require Specialized Installation

The following are the 5 unique home features that need extra care during installation –

The saying "It's all in the details" is popular when describing unique design features in a home. A home should express your style and character and pronounce you as you enter the room. A home can go from nice to fantastic with the addition of unique and beautiful upgrades. If you want to add features to your home and need the help of a professional, consider these 5 upgrades.

1. Woody Home Features :: Faux Wood ceiling beams

Made of a colorful wood laminate, faux wooden beams look like high-quality wood that is almost indistinguishable from real wooden beams. They are hollow, lightweight and will involve installers measuring and cutting the beams to size. There are many styles and sizes to choose from and will add character and texture to any ceiling.

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2nd Glassy Home Features :: Front door glass inserts

Transform the style of your front door with a glass window insert. Choose a style that is free for your home. A window installer must measure, cut and insert the glass panel into the door. There are many designs including colored, frosted, lead, etched or painted. The possibilities are endless.

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3rd Stony Home Features :: Stenfanervägg

Add character, texture and style to your walls with recycled stone veneer. The panels are lightweight, environmentally friendly and are a good alternative to a faux or manufactured stone. A professional landscaper will be needed to seamlessly match panels that cover the wall of your choice. Choose from many colors and textures that complement your home style.

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4. Watery Home Features :: Pondless Water Feature

Add calm sounds of running water by adding a dust-free water feature. This is a good alternative to a standing water pond. A container collects the water and pumps it to the bottom of the waterfall. A landscape designer and plumber will be needed to install the pump, hose and container. Here, a company that knows how to do both, such as Brothers Plumbing, can be practical.

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5. Greener Home Features :: Golf Putting Green

Install an artificial put green in your own garden. Contact an outdoor sports installation company to help you determine the best size and design for your garden. They will install and secure the grass so you can start improving your golf game.

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There is no limit to all the unique features you can add to your home. With professional installation, your home can stand free from your neighbors and increase the value of your property when it's time to sell.

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