Totally Crazy Home Renovations

Totally Crazy Home Renovations

11 Absolutely crazy home renovations

Our home is the center of our family’s well-being. We work hard to make our loved ones have everything they need and live a comfortable life. The house is the place where we do our best to build the life we ​​want for ourselves and our family.

As the old saying goes “home is where the heart is”, we value our home in the same way we care for our loved ones. If you want to get the best value for your money while improving your home, you need to do external renovations that will have an immediate effect.

Keeping our homes up to date can be expensive so it is always good to do renovations to increase the value of your home. While it is still an option, you can also choose to satisfy your more personal home improvement needs.

Crazy Cool Home Renovations

Living room conversation pit

Normal living rooms with all furniture spread out on a level surface are the norm; you see it in almost every house you visit. Create a living room conversation pit by digging a few feet below the floor level, add the most comfortable sofas you can find and start there.

A conversation pit would be a new twist to your usual old living room. It creates a more intimate atmosphere for people who want to catch up or talk. Add a center table or foam seat in the middle to fit your needs.

Staircase / roof hammock / playroom

Adding a play pane along one side of the stairs might not be as radical an idea, but who among your friends and family has one of these? Probably no..i. It’s a great idea to get the kids excited to get up from their beds and down the stairs to do the activity on the days.

If you have high ceilings and have plenty of space then you can also add a layer of mesh that can be used as a hammock. It would be a wonderful new place to relax while hung in the air.

Another great way to utilize the space above a staircase is to build a playroom or extra room above. It is a good design alternative to maximize the area at the top of the stairs.

Say goodbye to wasted space with one of these three chops.

Hidden door / room

Incorporating a hidden door that leads to a secret room in your home is easier than you might think. Sometimes all you need is a well-hidden door that is disguised as a bookcase or wall and there you have it, your very own secret entrance to a hidden room.

You can use this technique to build a panic room for your family that can be useful in emergency situations. If you do not want a panic room, feel free to use your secret room for whatever purpose your heart desires.



Create more storage under the stairs

In most homes, the wall space under a staircase is barely used. Do something different by maximizing the potential of the empty space. Build extra storage space throughout the entire staircase to provide significant storage space.

Multidirectional shower

Taking a hot shower is one of the most relaxing, refreshing yet repetitive things we do in our daily lives. Most of us are used to a regular shower head coming from one direction; a one-way hand shower is also a norm.

Installing shower heads in multiple directions to rinse the body from all sides at the same time will be much more efficient. That way, you don’t have to take that long in the shower anymore. Your shower time is drastically reduced.



S-shaped space in the shower

Sitting in the shower is not something you see often, much less to lie down. Shutdown is usually done only when using the tub, but it is quite unknown in the shower.

This S-shaped design for a shower chair allows you to lie down and enjoy your shower even more. It will be useful if you are unusually tired from a stressful day or physically drained. You can also scrub and clean yourself much better when you sit down too.



Get in the shower

The beauty of having a shower cubicle is that you no longer have to deal with stains with hard water and soap foam on the shower door. Not having a glass door gives you more freedom in the shower and even gives you more room to move when needed.

Usually you see walk-in showers in the gym or institutional facilities; it is designed that way for efficiency. Imitating that type of design in a private bathroom is unique in the sense that it is usually not seen in homes.



Install gutters in the kitchen for recycling and garbage

If you set up your kitchen with a couple of garbage, it will take out the garbage for a breeze. Just open the door to the special type of trash you need to throw your trash in and drop the garbage in. The trash will easily fall into their respective trash.

Add a bar to your deck

A simple addition to your existing garden deck that gives you more table space. Renovating your tire by adding a bar makes your tire infinitely more useful. You can then use the space at the railing to enjoy meals or cold drinks with friends and family.

Accordion in glass doors or windows

Consider replacing the permanent wall that separates your garden into your home with accordion glass doors. Instead of just having a sliding door, accordion doors will let you slide and fold a series of sliding doors neatly to one side.

This allows you to open your home like never before. A great idea if you love the outdoors and want to take in some more fresh air or just put in the nature inside. This home renovation project would be a big hit when holding pool parties.



Underground bunker / Fallout protection

Keeping our loved ones safe is one of the top priorities in this life. This crazy renovation project would ensure that they are kept safe in all kinds of accidents.

Nuclear war, zombie apocalypse or just your usual home invasion. A hidden underground bunker allows you and your family to survive the worst disasters imaginable.

This home renovation would be like building a completely separate home underground which would require significant funds, not for the faint of heart.



There are really more practical home renovation projects to choose from. If you are looking for something bold and unique, then select the list above to make your home stand out.

Build a conversation pit in your living room so you can talk about your party. Set up the hidden room to add some mystery to your home or add the stairs for a dose of daily fun for the kids. If you won the lottery build the underground bunker, who knows, you might need it one day.

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