Professional Interior Design

Professional Interior Design

5 Tricks for professional decor for non-professionals

Moving to a new place means a fresh start, especially when it comes to your interior. At some point, however, furnishing a home can be a stressful experience. With all the different color schemes, materials, appliances and details you can easily get lost in the overwhelming world of interior design. Fortunately, you do not need to read lots of books on the subject. All you need to do is apply a couple of tested and secure principles that guarantee complete success.

5 tricks for interior decoration for non-professionals1
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  1. Choose a timeless color

Color serves to tie everything up at home. The best way to achieve a cohesive design is by choosing a primary shade and then using the tones that are close to it for accessories and furniture. Using naturals as a base and building up the look with more intense colors is a favorite technique for many designers. This is a great way to add statements and to spice up the decor.

Choosing a paint color is one of the toughest tasks for every homeowner. Usually, people prefer to have the walls done before moving. There is logic in it, but it is not quite right. Different shades and tones vary from place to place. The reason is that each spot receives a specific type of light that changes the wall color. The furniture and decorations can also affect how you perceive the tone of your walls. If you want a color that complements your appliances, artwork and details, you have to choose the shade when you have all your things.

  1. Use simple décor geometry

Arranging your belongings is the next step. The trick is to avoid static installation of. You can make your decor more dynamic by using the triangulation principle. Do not worry; it's much easier than it sounds. The idea means that articles grouped into three are more appealing and harmonious to the human eye. You can integrate into every aspect of your home design – from the placement of your furniture to the smallest details on your shelf.

  1. Add texture

The secret to sophisticated and exciting design is structure. Don't be afraid to mix different materials and designs. Contrast keeps boredom away. Combine coarse wall textures with soft and soft fabrics on the furniture and curtains.

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  1. Layer It

Inventory works in the same way as texture. They give depth to the design. The layers provide comfort and warmth. One way to use layers is to start large and then add smaller accents. Has objects with different width and height. Pair some bulky items with some smaller ones to create an eclectic display. Strive for balance, not symmetry. You cannot create layers with too many identical objects.

  1. Mix and match

The art of mixing and matching can take your decor to a whole new level. You do not need to go to the decor shop for interesting details. When you unpack your items after removal, take the time to explore your belongings. You will probably find hidden treasures that can serve as a focal point or complement the rest of the décor. These items add unique character to the simple site. Also, when you are surrounded by your belongings, you will quickly start to feel at home after the move. Read more at: Packing and Furniture Removals in Islington.

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