Make Your Small Rooms Look Bigger

Make Your Small Rooms Look Bigger

small rooms became larger

Narrow spaces have always given me the claustrophobic feeling. A feeling that is too nauseating to be equated with being trapped in the uncomfortable prison cells. This can only be explained by the fact that in a small space everything counts. Even a pen lying on the floor seems to be visible to the eyes.

Fortunately, the creative instinct of our dear interior architects has found ways to fool the eyes and make a room appear larger.

Colors and contrasts

contrast of colors

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Bright colors tend to make a room bigger and brighter. It is simply based on the Optical Illusion Act. Light-colored walls are reflective in nature, helping to maximize the effect created by natural light. This makes the room airy and spacious. To achieve maximum optimum effect, it is recommended to use soft tones of blue and green. Don’t go for dark colors because they absorb the light and make a room even smaller.

Light and shine

Natural light is the best way to light up your room. Their enlightened powers do wonders by opening up your room and making them seem bigger. If you have a large window; good and good but if not, no worries as there is always the opportunity to go for artificial lighting. Use the large windows you have and let your room shine larger. Make sure the curtains are pulled back. You can also go for hanging plants and flower pots if your window opens up to a very unpleasant view. Lamps help to add color effects.

Clutter Free

Rutty rooms tend to make a room smaller. Therefore, the best way to make it look great is to keep your room tidy and organized. Only go for a painting job if you want to wall accessories. A pipe with wall hangings makes it look good. Always create a contact point that draws all the attention to it. For a dining room, the calorific value will be the dining table while for a bedroom it is the bed. Keep the floor clear and keep the decor in the room as much as possible.

Mirror Magic

A mirror can do wonders. They reflect both natural and artificial lights that bounce deep into the room to make it look bigger and brighter. Place a mirror near the window or on the walls and cabinet to create the illusion of more space.

Furniture free of charge

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Make sure your furniture does not block the roads. If you can see the floor the room seems to be bigger. Choose a sofa or chair with open arms. A glass table provides an open and free space. Light filters the furniture and makes the rooms more airy.

By following these simple easy steps will do the trick. If you know of any other tricks, please write below.

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