Features of The Designing of Kitchen

Features of The Designing of Kitchen

The design of the kitchen facades not only influences the beauty of the kitchen, but also the lifespan of the furniture used. To make a selection, you need to examine the manufacturing techniques of solid, curved and paneled facades, compare them and determine which option suits you best. Best modern white kitchen cabinets online are a good recommendation for your kitchen furniture.

Features of integral facades

This category includes facades made of solid wood and solid panels. The first option is pretty rare and costs a lot. Imagine how difficult it is to find material for making a massive door 45 to 90 cm wide and about 2 cm thick! Therefore, furniture for kitchens made of MDF or chipboard lined with veneer are more common on the market. Facades can also be painted, varnished, laminated and lined with other materials (e.g. plastic).

MDF boards are the best material for the production of kitchen facades. The cheapest coating option is lamination. For more expensive work, paint with enamel or a mixture of paint and varnish. The lacquer coating of kitchen furniture is glossy, matt, colored or transparent, so that you can choose the suitable option for solving your own interior tasks.

Features of the production of curved (radius) facades

These are multilayer plywood or MDF panels that get the shape you want in several ways:

  • The material takes on a curved shape during the manufacturing process of MDF boards
  • After drying completely, several even eco-veneer panels are folded and glued so that a rounded cloth for furniture production is obtained. Curved lines look beautiful on the end elements of the extreme lockers. From this you can create a composition without corners, which can become a highlight inside the kitchen. Manufacturers offer kitchen sets with surface lines curved inwards and outwards. There are also exclusive cabinets with complex curved surfaces. Curved facades do not have to be solid at all. Models of cupboards with rounded lines on the door and frame look spectacular.

A box with a "window": characteristics of paneled facade types

In the manufacture of such products, a plate is inserted into a rectangular frame and parts of the frame are connected to one another in different ways:

  • Spike Groove (dovetail technology)
  • At a right angle
  • At an angle of 45 degrees

Cut MDF boards are used as floorboards. A frame is a great way to combine multiple materials in one piece of furniture. This option is suitable for kitchen sets in any style.


A characteristic of planning a new kitchen is a long-term perspective, in which the purchase of new kitchen furniture and appliances is considered. In addition, when buying a kitchen, you should not only think about today, but also about the future. At the same time, high quality occupies a special place because high-quality kitchen appliances from well-known brands generally have a longer lifespan and their manufacturers offer good service and guarantee service for their products

High quality kitchen furniture

When it comes to kitchen appliances, high quality is the most important criterion. And for the kitchen furniture itself, the high quality of the materials and components remains a crucial prerequisite for the perfect functionality of all moving parts and surfaces.

Ergonomics of kitchen furniture

Since a lot of everyday work is done in the kitchen, the ergonomics of kitchen furniture should not be underestimated when planning. And the work surface is extremely important in this regard. The installation height of the kitchen worktop must correspond to the growth of the occupants of the apartment or house. It should be installed at such a height that you no longer have to bend over when doing kitchen work. The main principle is that all work in the kitchen should be done without stress. At the same time, a new electric oven or new microwave, as possible the most commonly used kitchen appliances, should also be placed in kitchen furniture so that they do not have to bend down or stand on tiptoe. As for the fridge,

Kitchen appliances

For kitchen appliances, you should not buy particularly outdated or very rare models. This is due to the fact that on rare models, difficulties can arise when repairs are required, and sometimes even the need to completely replace a failed device. Professionals recommend contacting specialized companies to plan and design kitchens that, along with the optimal kitchen design, select high quality built-in kitchen appliances for which a full guarantee and adequate service are provided.

Structure of the kitchen surface

The surfaces of kitchen furniture are exposed to particularly heavy loads. The vapors that occur during cooking create fat films that cover the entire kitchen furniture. Therefore, the kitchen should be chosen so that it is easy to clean and less susceptible to all types of pollution and temperatures. In any case, smooth surfaces can be cleaned of dirt and deposits more easily than porous materials or structured facades of kitchen cabinets.

Rational kitchen planning

In no other room in the apartment is so much functionality concentrated as in the kitchen. When planning a new kitchen, there should be a sufficient number of sockets and connections as well as connections for water and gas. If the existing connections (electricity and water) are not sufficient for a new kitchen, they should be equipped before the new kitchen furniture is delivered to you. If you have no such experience, do not do it yourself, but invite specialists such as electricians and plumbing.

Incidentally, kitchen planning is a matter of taste. However, it should be noted that the kitchen pattern exhibited in shops and design studios are sets that still need to be customized and adapted to the actual conditions of the kitchen. It should therefore be noted that the kitchen furniture already installed by the buyer often looks a little different than in the showroom.


Kitchen lighting

In order to create cosiness and a peaceful feeling of calm inside the kitchen, you have to stick to the creative ideas of experienced designers. In order to create comfort in the kitchen, it is important to prioritize the lighting of the room correctly. Selected chandeliers, forged lamps with adjustable height and lampshades with floral motifs should be located deep above the dining table. The dining and work area should also be properly and brightly lit. Both headlights and backlighting can be used.

Textiles in the interior

A feature of the interior in the kitchen is an abundance of different napkins, curtains, tablecloths, towels, potholders and chair covers made of natural fabrics. The patterns of the "rough" textiles, wallpaper and ceramic tiles in the form of small flowers, cages and meadow plants are harmoniously combined in a cozy kitchen interior. Light and handmade carpets look appropriate and harmonious.


You can decorate the kitchen interior with the trendiest accessories suitable for this style. These include wicker baskets with lavender or fruit, colorful, lively poultry figures, antique vases and painted plates. A wall without kitchen furniture can be decorated with paintings with beautiful still lifes, a large clock and mirrors. With the help of forged figures and original accessories, it is possible to complete the interior of the kitchen and set accents.

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