Easy Makeover For Your Walls: Customized

Easy Makeover For Your Walls: Customized Tiles

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Tradition tells us that our house is the reflection of our soul. In fact, a clean, untouched and well-organized house has a wonderful impact on our mental well-being. In contrast, a dirty messy cover is equally unwelcome. Sadly, factors such as spacious apartment, prestigious address and an enviable city view do not always go hand in hand. Rather, you must fight to succeed in getting at least one of these wishes fulfilled.

Recently I moved to the tiny little apartment in a nice place. Although it was pretty cute and comfortable with the fantastic little porch, the walls were what really touched me. Painted in dull pale monotones, they were quite disappointing. So I had to do something to make my humble living comfortable.

When I did some research for an art nouveau, to do that magic on my walls, I came across this amazing idea and I was absolutely struck at first sight. I knew it would do exactly the bit to the walls that I wanted. It was this new concept of modular wall panels known as custom wall panels. Getting them designed by experts in the interior designs was completely challenged with my limited resources. So I chalked out this way to improvise it a little to fit my budget.

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I got this collection of travel photos, which I constantly collect from frequent travelers. These are mostly places I want to visit during my lifetime. This fascinated me with a ray of hope and motivation. But I am not sure how these wishes will be fulfilled in the near future. My brilliant plan for now was to turn things around a bit and get them to visit me instead. I know it may sound strange to many, but it serves as a huge source of inspiration to me. The great idea of ​​how unique and absolutely amazing wall art would make my heart jump in excitement.

How to have it Your walls Wheelchair?

  1. I pulled out all those snaps and even postcards, with a picture that I thought would look good on the walls.
  2. Then I got my target walls measured up with a simple tape measure (you might even take the help of some friends).
  3. Check online for websites that make custom printed trays and ask about their prices. Look for appropriate prices and terms. There are quite a few of them out there. While some are quite expensive, there are also some that are also quite reasonable.

You can also design wall titles yourself

If you are the talented you can even paint these tiles with some original artwork with ceramic colors. Be sure, regardless of the results, it would be anything but boring.

P.S. You would absolutely love your new walls.

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