Commercial Roofing Options for Small
  Commercial Properties

Commercial Roofing Options for Small Commercial Properties

Commercial roofing options for small commercial properties

Do you have a new commercial property that needs a new roof? Having a roof that provides maximum performance with a minimum of maintenance is important when it comes to getting the most out of your investment. That's why we have come up with four popular commercial roofing options for small businesses.

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Flat roofs are roofs that have a very low pitch (it is not quite flat as most people think) and are sometimes called low pitched roofs. Flat roofs are either made of concrete, EPDM or rubber membrane. Flat roofs are one of the most popular commercial roofing options available because flat roofs are so versatile and easily accessible; AC units or valves can be mounted on top of flat roofs, and this type of roof can be extended to a second level without requiring too much modification. People who work on the roof always have a steady foot, so slips and falls are very unlikely.


Made of asphalt or fiberglass, roof tiles are a popular roofing alternative in both residential and commercial real estate applications with sloping or topped roof structures. Available in different colors and styles, the shingles with shingles can complement almost any building. This makes it perfect for small shops or restaurants that prefer a more traditional feel. Hell roofs are energy efficient, rust resistant and easy to repair; roof maintenance experts have no problem replacing a cracked or missing shingles.

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Slate is well known for being an advanced roofing material, with good appearance with almost unmatched durability. Unfortunately, the weight problems and the high initial price have always prevented them from being an ideal roofing option for most small business owners. However, advances in the manufacture of slate roofs have led to the development of more cost-effective alternatives such as TruSlate, a lighter (but still sustainable) variant designed for modern properties. Having a slate roof on your commercial property is now a more viable option!


Another roofing material known for its durability, metal roofs can easily withstand shocks that could easily cause cracks on other roofing possibilities despite its incredibly light weight. Metal roofs are available as smooth or corrugated panels, or even in patterns that mimic the look of more expensive traditional roofing such as tiles. Like slate roofs, processes were created to create metal roofs designed for modern entrepreneurs; This means less moisture damage and lower overall maintenance without sacrificing service life and energy efficiency.

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Although these roof options are all good choices, you can choose the one that would give you the most value you can save a lot in the long run. Just as in roofing, you depend on the right roof a lot depending on how much you know about your home's roof needs. You can't just copy an existing commercial roof and expect to get the same results. Your reliable roofing staff can let you know which option or option is best for your small commercial building.

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