Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a Small Space

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a Small Space

The average cost of remodeling a bathroom can be expensive, but up to 98% of all investments are typically recouped every time the property is sold. A cramped bathroom can easily be remodeled to offer all stylish amenities. Exciting designs with clever ideas and attractive space-saving products make the best of every small room.

1. Create an illusion of space

Before converting a small bathroom, consider the color effect when choosing the fittings and bathroom decorations. Dark colors and intricate, multi-colored patterns generally make a room appear smaller, while unobtrusive, pale tones create a feeling of space. Choose basins and baths in white or pastel. For maximum effect, the interior of the bathroom should have a similar color. Add a touch of color with a darker bottom and bright accessories.

2. Ceramic tiles

Increase the feeling of space with ceramic tiles with a shiny, reflective surface. Avoid the temptation to use numerous colors because a simple tiled area that blends into the general bathroom decor creates a streamlined look. Instead, opt for structured surfaces to spark additional interest.

3. Combination devices

There is an extensive range of combined, space-saving bathroom fittings. A combined washbasin offers useful storage space with a compact toilet and a sink between the cabinets. A bath and shower unit is a popular choice for a small space.

4. Shower doors and panels

A fixed shower screen takes up less space than a curtain and looks much neater. Most small bathrooms have difficulty hinging outward opening shower doors. However, an ideal choice is a sliding door.

5. Corner fittings

Small bathrooms need to use every square inch of space, so choose fittings that can be built into the corners. A corner bath is usually spacious, but has a much shorter length. If you are placed diagonally over the corner of the bathroom, valuable space becomes free. Compact toilets and shower stalls that fit well in the corner are also available.

6. Wall devices

Compact wall-hung toilets and wash basins are ideal for enhancing the illusion of space in cramped bathrooms or cloakrooms. Faucets and flushing mechanisms for toilets can also be discreetly installed in the wall.

7. Smooth handles and edges

A small bathroom needs as much floor space as possible to avoid bruising when it hits the fittings. Even cabinet handles can be an obstacle. Therefore, choose storage units with clean, recessed handles and always choose bathroom fittings with smooth, rounded edges.

8. Compact storage

Slim bathroom cabinets that fit on the wall or under the wall-mounted washbasin are ideal for tidying up toiletries. Save additional space by choosing sliding doors with a mirrored surface.

9. Glass shelves

Help filter light throughout the bathroom using floating glass floors. They can be adapted to any available wall area.

10. Corner storage baskets

A perfect solution for storing a variety of shampoos and soaps is an open basket design that keeps the items clean in place. This design is usually made of bright, shiny chrome to reflect the light. It is strong, durable and stylish. Basket shelves are available in different styles and sizes. Use the triangular basket to save space and save space. Use more than one triangular basket to create tiered shelves.

11. Lighting

Use several small spotlights in strategic positions instead of one central light. They lend subtle lighting to all areas of the bathroom and avoid the impression of narrow, shady recesses.

12. Ladder design towel rack

Towel holders that fit neatly on the wall are easy to use without cluttering up a small space. They come in a variety of stylish designs, but straight rails usually take up less space than curved designs that protrude outward. For a hint of luxury on cool evenings, consider a heated version.

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